FS22 MINI COOPER S 1965 V1.0.0.0

We Are Delighted To Offer You Austin Mini Cooper S; one of the rarest Cooper model.

Manufactured on the 7th of December 1965, this right-hand drive, home market Austin-badged example is essentially a homologation special for participation in the ‘up to 1000cc’ class of international motorsport.

➣ Price:2350$

➣ Max Speed: 130 KM/H

➣ Rear Wheel Drive

➣ Body Color Configuration

➣ Design Color Configuration

➲ Addons:

➣ 2 Bumper Designs

➣ 3 Lights Configurations

➣ Reverse Light Can Be Added

➣ Rotatable Roof Light

➣ Roof Rack

➣ Roof Vent

➣ Rear Wing

➣ Front Wing

➣ Interior Cage

➣ Wide Body Type

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DOWNLOAD FS22_Mini_Cooper_S_1965.zip – 19.0 MB

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