FS22 MAN TGX 2020 V1.4.0.0

The MAN TGX 2020 offers the versatility you are looking for for your job! It doesn’t matter whether you’re on the road or on uneven terrain, with the MAN you’re always in control.

– Tarps on swap bodies or trailers can now be opened/closed with the Y key
– Added deep hitch for tandem with deep drawbar or Krone Dolly
– Warning boards can now be opened/closed with the O key
– Bumper can now be flipped with the right mouse button
– Light cones now glow even with low graphics settings
– Added hitch configuration
– Hitch and mud flap configuration is only displayed if a BDF chassis is selected

Price: €129,000 – €139,000
Max power: 580hp
Top speed: 83 km/h
Weight: 10.5t

– Adjustable saddle plate
– Chassis for swap bodies
– air suspension
– 100 colors for customization
– Numerous configurations [current: 17pcs.]
– Illuminated interior
– Animated mudflaps

– Interior color
– Lamp bracket
– Linens
– Mudflaps
– Air horn
– Beacon
– Wheel arch cover
– Poppy
– Interior decoration
– Warning sign
– chassis
– main color
– Lamp bracket color
– Theme color
– Grill color
– Rim color
– Mark

Model: BD_Modding, Giants, Sebastian7870 (Chassis)
Texture: BD_Modding, Giants
Funktionen: BD_Modding, Giants
Zusatzteile: MXND, BD_Modding, Giants, [HRFF] Äffchen

DOWNLOAD FS22_MAN_TGX2020.zip – 65.2 MB

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