FS22 MAN TGS 18.500 KIPPER MODIFIED 8X8 V2.2.0.0

Modified version of the popular Modhub Truck. New color configuration, total update of tire physics. 8×8 only 4 axles

Version 2.2.0
Bug fixes:
Fixed rotation error message.
Plane now works correctly.
Fixed differential errors.

before the screaming is big: Yes, I modified the version from Modhub and also named the original author in the mod.
8×8 version.
The original mod just wasn’t usable with REA and after all REA is essential for realistic gameplay. The physics of the tires have been changed to make sense.
I totally overhauled the color configuration. I removed the old fake tarpaulin and inserted a real tarpaulin. including color.

SaltyBart – NLD Community , Alexgerman

DOWNLOAD FS22_MAN_18500Kipper8x8.zip – 9.2 MB

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