Welcome to the Lost Valley. This is a fictional map created in the American style.

This is my first map and it will be updated and updated over time!

In the new player mode, you get a pre-built farm with a cowshed, a sheepfold, a chicken coop and cars.

What is included in the package:

-Vehicle store

– Animal dealer


– Sawmill

-33 Fields (medium and large)

–Production of empty pallets


-Precision Farming DLC support

-AI works


-Changed economy

-2 additional plots to be purchased for construction

-5 forests to be purchased

-Production points.

Fixes in version

-Replaced road textures in productions

-Added trees

-Changed the PDA

-Changed the starting fields for the reversal of equipment

-Replaced the loading screen

– Corrected traffic lights

-Update modDesc

Fixes in version 1.1:

-Changed country roads

-Made the PDA

-Replaced the water

-Redrawn the roads at the points of sale

-Replaced the hardware store (now FPS should not fall)

Fixes in version 1.1.2:

-Replaced the water with the standard one + added waterfalls

-Added a few objects to the map

-Repainted roads at production facilities and points of sale

-Added a bridge

-Changed the landscape

-Removed garbage from the map

-Changed the starting technique

-Update modDesc


DOWNLOAD FS22_LostValley.zip – 505.3 MB

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