FS22 LIZARD XJ V1.0.0.0

1993 Lizard XJ

Base Price: $3,900
Power: 350 hp – 750 hp
Maximum speed: 220 kph

-Base, Trim, Design, Bumper, Hub, and Rim color options
– Autoload pallet configurations (10000L-100000L(not real))
How to use: buy the XJ with the autoload configuration and open the tailgate in the vehicle to start autoload
-Bumper options
-Roof options
-Winch options will only work with the Platinum DLC
-Multiple tire options to fit your style
-Adjustable hitch and suspension
-Hood and Hatch animations
-Beacon options


DOWNLOAD FS22_Lizard_XJ.zip – 17.8 MB

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