– Fixed grab connection arm inverted in some positions
– Removed foldLimits for crane (caused more issues than it was helpful)
– Attacher joints should no longer be reset (caused by loadMovingToolStates in foldingParts)
– Moved controllable module to its own control group
– Made it more stable
– Grapple adjustments
– Sound adjustments
– Lowered power consumer
– Changed powerConsumingActiveTimeOffset
– Fixed lights (they will now appeard when the crane is unfolded)

The Lizard Timber Loader is a attachment made mainly to fit Volvo FH16 8×4 wheel configuration & Volvo VNX 300 Tridem Long wheel configuration included in Platinum Expansion. With control of the whole module you can move it forward/backward to fit it as good as possible on any truck you want. It is designed to make loading and unloading of timber easy and is used on the landings when the timbertrucks dont have cranes. With a large grapple and telescopic boom it can reach alot when stationary. The four large stabilizer allows it to stand firmly and load even on bad terrain.

Shop Category: Forestry Equipment
Price: 45.000 $

– Base color
– Tension belts

North Modding Company

DOWNLOAD FS22_lizardTimberLoader.zip – 5.0 MB

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