FS22 LIZARD P93S PACK V1.0.0.0

P 93 S trailer

Price: 3343.82$
Capacity: 5500-23900 liter

The tractor trailer – tipping to two sides with a load capacity of 9 tons is a vehicle intended for the transport of loads weighing up to 9,000 kg on roads of all kinds.
The trailer can be supplemented with various types of superstructures and equipment on request.

Trailer length: 6750 mm
Trailer width: 2470 mm
Height of the loading area from the ground: 1300 mm
Weight: 2850 kg
Payload: 9000 kg
Maximum permitted speed: 25 km/h

Other options:
– Choice of colors: wheel hubs, frame, body, silage cage, mesh, rims
– Capacity configuration
– Appearance configuration
– Manual opening of individual sidewalls (works only for a trailer in the TRAILERS section, P93 S configuration – Bale trailer, and for a trailer in the BALE LOADERS section, P93 S configuration – Design 7).
Required to expand via the X key:
left sidewall: KEY_lshift KEY_left/KEY_lshift KEY_right
right sidewall: KEY_rshift KEY_right/KEY_rshift KEY_left
rear sidewall: KEY_lshift KEY_up/KEY_lshift KEY_down

BlendArt, Kolchozník jr, TT Czech Modding, AgroSketch

DOWNLOAD FS22_Lizard_P93S_pack.zip – 42.9 MB

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