FS22 LEMKEN KORUND 750 V1.0.0.0

Lemken corundum 750

The Korund seedbed combination is characterized by particularly good levelling, loosening and crumbling of the soil with a high area output. The device shows its full capabilities in professional potato or maize cultivation, because the large selection of different tine fields leaves nothing to be desired.

Working width: 7.50m Transport width: 3.00m Transport height: 3.35m

Urmodder FS13: Repi (RepiGaming)

Convert FS15 – FS22: TaranDwyn

NewConvert for FS22: RepiGaming

We wish you a lot of fun with the mod and if you notice something, then let us know.

Kind regards



DOWNLOAD FS22_lemkenKorund750.zip – 9.6 MB

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