V2.1(new save is not required but recommended)

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when the gates don’t work, you have to buy the land on which they stand, the land for €0 is the most common

repair of production points

repair of fences and gates

to the greenhouse added the need for fertilizer and seeds

modification of recpts

added en/de translation

repair of duplicate trees

repair of levitating trees

Identified problem of slip destroy fields mode jobs cannot be completed Removal of warnings


The map has undergone a complete re-design (new farm, expanded map edges, new roads including transport, forests, new production).

The map provides 125 plots, of which 66 are fields and 25 are meadows.

The map has a building plot in the south for own production or another farm.

Factories have been added to the map: brewery, sugar factory, slaughterhouse, bakery, carpentry, juice factory,

winery, production of fodder for pigs and cows, multifactory, greenhouses with multiple crops, orchards, vineyards…

Added horse and sheep pens, new cowshed and piggery.

New crops: spelled, rye, rye, millet.

Added new sounds, new collectibles (stray kittens), walkers, train buyout and much more!

Smetty Alisqo Lorex EmikModels SniperKittencz

DOWNLOAD FS22_LekninyV2.zip – 632.9 MB

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