Something about the map:
The name of the map is Water Lilies as you can see below in the photo

Changelog v.
– Fixed tree felling in multiplayer
– added production of boards after the purchase of the saw
– fixed missing painting of shrubs, flowers and trees in Construction mode
– removed cotton crops, sugar. cane (must be plowed or cultivated) and olives
– Added the ability to buy a mobile home and farmhouse
– fixed the sounds of bells at the castle

Is located here :
92 plots of which 85 farmland (meadows and fields)
Basic farm with a biogas plant with an output of 99kW
Cowshed on a smaller detached farm next door
Large-capacity biogas plant with an output of 500 kW
3 purchases (post-harvest cell, ZZN and general merchandise)
2 production sites (dairy and oil mill)
Building plot opposite the store

Smetty and Alisqo

DOWNLOAD FS22_Lekniny_map.zip – 397.6 MB

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