– functional field orders
– adjusted land prices, possible purchase of forests
– 20 stray kittens (collectibles)
– added sheep pasture + piglet
– added sawmill, water tower
– added purchase of potatoes and pallets (village shop)
– remodeled village, sounds, lighting
– added electric poles + street lighting
– traffic signs with collisions (singleplayer only)
– treated basic farm and farm with cowshed
– additionation towers added to the farm
– The logbook now shows the filling status
– new purchase of ZZN Lekníny
– Leknín Castle
– added teleport to the car shop

+ many other changes and modifications, all bugs fixed, but we know of two warnings that we can’t handle anyway, it has absolutely no effect on the gameplay

Known issues:
– need to create a new save!
– Felling trees in multiplayer will cause the game to crash
– missing splines for AI workers (will be in the next

Smetty, SniperKitten CZ & Josef Kudlacek
BlackNotModder, Kajinek, Kuba KudlisCZ & SniperKittenCZ

DOWNLOAD FS22_Lekniny_map.zip – 390.3 MB

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