The LS22 district of Rostock is a German 4x map around the town of Kröpelin in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

BGA MVA salable
BGA pig fattening sellable
Trees field 39 moved to the edge of the map, can now be driven on
Workshop trigger pig fattening now disappears when the building is sold
Manure plates MVA adapted
Plane in the Gerteidemühle unloading points, BGA’s added

Map details:
– There are 63 fields, the size is mostly large to very large.
– There are 5 farms and 2 fattening farms that are fully built.
– There are up to 5 points of sale.
– There are no multi-crops in arable farming.
– There are a few standard productions on the map (look changed, function standard).
– There are two BGAs on the map at the respective fattening farms.
– The animal stalls are installed on the farms and at the fattening farms.
– The map offers a very large forest area in the north which is divided by sectors.
— Ground angle increased to 32
— Productions are set to 10 compartments in throughput and capacity

– no problems detected.

Map size:
– 756.5MB

Review by CornHub:
The LS22 district of Rostock is a beautiful German 4x map with its large fields,
Mast farms and the large forest area could be just the right thing for XXL lovers.
The textures of the map look great so far and the functions also run at first glance without any noticeable problems.
The log is clean and throws no errors.

MadMaxxDE, [BG] Lahmi, [MM] Aykarn

DOWNLOAD FS22_Lk_HRO_4fach.zip – 881.4 MB

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