The LS22 district of Rostock is a German 4x map around the town of Kröpelin in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

Map details:
– There are 63 fields, the size is mostly large to very large.
– There are 5 farms and 2 fattening farms that are fully built.
– There are up to 5 points of sale.
– There are no multi-crops in arable farming.
– There are a few standard productions on the map (look changed, function standard).
– There are two BGAs on the map at the respective fattening farms.
– The animal stalls are installed on the farms and at the fattening farms.
– The map offers a very large forest area in the north which is divided by sectors.

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MadMaxxDE, [BG] Lahmi, [MM] Aykarn

DOWNLOAD FS22_Lk_HRO_4fach.zip – 756.5 MB

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