Welcome back to Münsterland!

Some of you already know the Landersum from the LS19. However, the version for the LS22 is not a pure conversion of the Landersum, but much more a rebuild. You will recognize many things, but some things have also changed. However, the charm of the Münsterland should have been preserved, if not even improved. Just convince yourself.

Map data:

– 4x card

– 238 fields

– 1258ha of arable land and grassland

– 13 courtyards

– 4 biogas plants

– Realistic seed consumption

– Realistic crop yields

– Adjusted prices for some goods

– More ground angle

– Fruit Destruction 2.0

– Removed cotton, sugarcane, olives and grapes

– Precision farming support

– Adjusted seasons GEO

Note: If you play with Precision Farming, you need an adapted Precision Farming version. The default Precision Farming DLC ​​overrides the seed rates I’ve customized.


DOWNLOAD FS22_Landersum.zip – 578.7 MB

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