Kverneland RS 9m precision planter

Version 2.0.0
– Moddesc raised
– Care tires installed
– Added color choice: original, standard colors and 4 special colors
– Capacity increased to 5000 > Seed and fertilizer split changed: previously 65/35; now 55/45

This is the precision planter from the main game, with higher working speed, no-till and different seed and fertilizer capacities.
It can also be used to sow poplars and sugar cane.

I got this sowing machine for myself from the main game so that my Horsch Pronto isn’t so alone. 😀
And because I just couldn’t find a 9m precision seed drill. 😉
Then I thought to myself, what I need, maybe others need it too.^^
This is the Planter from the Maingame, with higher Workspeed, direct planting and other Capacity of Seeds, Fertilizer and it also seed Poplar and Sugarcane.

Version 1.0.0
working width: 9 m
Speed ​​limit : 20km/h
capacity : 3000L 5000L
direct planting: true

Log is without warnings or errors!!
Upload only to Forbidden Mods !! On other pages at most with original link !!

Giants, HB Modding – Dominic47

DOWNLOAD FS22_KvernelandOptima_RS.zip – 13.2 MB

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