FS22 KMU-3.7 V1.0.0.0

The crane-manipulator installation is designed for fastening and transporting BigBag bags, as well as fastening containers, pallets, and small equipment, if there is a fixed traverse.

It is aggregated with tractors of traction class 1.4 (MTZ-80/82, YMZ 6KL) without a fixed traverse, and with tractors 2 and 3 (LTZ-155, T-150k, MTZ-1523) of traction class with a fixed traverse.

– Price 2750$;
– Selection of the main color;
– Choice of color of hydraulic cylinders;
– Hook color selection;
– The length of the arrow is 3.7 meters.

– Price 500$
– Selection of the main color;
– Cargo locking belts.


DOWNLOAD FS22_KMU_3_7.zip – 5.8 MB

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