FS22 KIROVETS K-700A/K-701 V1.3.0.0

– Models: K-700A/K-701; – Power: 235 – 400 HP; – Maximum speed: 39 km/h; – Volume of a fuel tank: 640 l.; – Configurations: * Choice of wheels; * Choice of engine; * Additional lighting; * Safety frame; * External tuning; * Internal tuning; * Modifications of the old / new sample; * Antenna; * Choice of colors for different parts of the tractor. Management: – Turn on / off the PTO – key B (eng.); – Open / close the left door – Left Ctrl + ????/????; – Open / close the right door – Left Shift key + ????/????; – Install the towbar or the crossbar of the hitch – the Left Shift + Num – 8 / Num 9 key (it is also necessary to slightly turn the steering wheel left and right while pressing one or another key); – The LMB key (left mouse button) raises and lowers the hitch (works correctly only with trailers). Changes: – Changed the pollution of the base and paired tires; – Added PTO sound (sound inside and outside); – Updated the model and textures of the cladding for a new design; – Changed the sound of the horn and the attachment of trailers; – Completely reworked the behavior of the tractor with hired workers; – Replaced wheels; – Added antenna; – Corrections in the model. Authors: SFM-modding, Erlan10, Aluha74rus, Changes: Sevill.


DOWNLOAD FS22_Kirovets_Pack.zip – 32.2 MB

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