FS22 KIROVETS K-700A/701 PKU V1.0.0.0

Mod includes: Kirovets 700A/701 PKU
– Cost: 78,000 €;
– Working lighting equipment;
– Leaves traces;
– Dirty and washable;
– The effect of aging;
– Choice of cab color, grille, frame, wheels;
– Multiple choice of external and internal tuning;
– A choice of 6 types of YaMZ V8, YaMZ V12 engines: YaMZ-238 (235 hp), YaMZ-238ND4 (250 hp), YaMZ-240B (300 hp), YaMZ-240BM (300 hp ), YaMZ-7512 (360 hp), MZ-7513 (400 hp);
– There are 4 types of wheels to choose from: standard, double, wide – Mitas, wide – Michelin.

Prosto Fermer

DOWNLOAD FS22_kirovetsPKU.zip – 23.1 MB

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