FS22 KINZE 3660 AND 3665 V1.0.0.0

“The 3665 is simple to operate, high performing, and uniquely suited as a dedicated 15” soybean planter in high residue conditions, with the versatility to also plant crops in 30” rows. Equipped with simple to use high tech features — Blue Vantage display, Blue Drive electric drive, and True Speed high speed meters — it delivers the precision required for maximum yields and profits at speeds up to 12 mph. The proven, rugged 3-section lift and pivot frame equipped with hydraulic weight transfer, combined with True Depth hydraulic down force, delivers consistent seed depth for optimum emergence and root development in varying soil conditions. With more technology and more versatility in a single planter, the 3665 is a proven industry leader.”

TRUE. BLUE. Advantage.

Change Log. 1.00

Custom Decals for both 3660 and 3665 planters

4905 speed increase to 12 miles an hour.

Large H Mapping

DOWNLOAD FS22_Kinze_3660.zip – 16.2 MB

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