FS22 JUMBO 10020 D COMBILINE V1.0.0.1

JUMBO 10020 D COMBILINE with many configurations

– Missing specular for carrier plate of the small Poettinger logos on the tailgate is now loaded
(Visible edges also get dirty now)
– New specular for the small Poettinger logos on the rear
(Now matches the rest of the loader wagon)

Price: €123,500
Required power: 250 hp

– 4 different tailgate designs
– Speed sign 40 / 50 or 60
– Volume 50 / 75 / 100 or 125 m³ each with or without silage additive
– color choice
– Slightly wider intake so that clever swath mowers can be picked up better

Giants Software, Haubi

DOWNLOAD FS22_PoettingerJumbo_H.zip – 13.0 MB

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