Lanz John Deere 710 BETA
What can the Lanz John Deere do?

– Tire choice
– Rims and chassis color choice
– Various equipment configuration
– Exhaust system configuration
– Fender configuration
– Driver’s cab configuration
– Front loader console configuration
– Front loader (clinic and industrial loader conversion)
– Side mower (cutter bar)
– adapted decals for Lanz John Deere and John Deere
– Model modifications in the 3D program

By and large, it’s a standard Giants model,
which was only adapted to our wishes, 3D Techn. edited etc..
It is not a 100% brochure realism after or conversion.
The only important thing is that one or the other has fun with the tractor.

What does everything belong to the 710?

Tönsing front loader incl. Fl tools
both bale forks (industry and klink) have an attacher function
ESM side cutter bar (with helper function)

and of course the 710 itself,
the cutter bar and the front loader are adapted to the 710.

IMPORTANT ! ! ! ! .: The cutter bar is lowered with the middle MOUSE BUTTON and raised after removing the blade guard with the X button.

Giants Software (Basic Model 710s)
Butters Tuning Forge / BTS
Shoddy – garage, Bremi456, Hoffi
Front loader tools come from Kreters Island and from Bremi 456,
Soft top model oak and pure madness.
Approvals available in each case! ! !
The download link is only ORIGINAL if it is a NON Profit link at Workupload! ! ! !

DOWNLOAD BuB22_John_Deere_710_Pack.zip – 40.7 MB

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