FS22 JOHN DEERE 7R SERIES 2014-2019 V1.0.0.0

This time I present to you this great.. maybe the greatest 7R that was ever made. Its on you to discuss that 😀

Motor config.


(With AutoPower, E23 and E23 Right Hand Reverser Transmission options)

(Fully animated transmissions)

Wheel brand config.

Trelleborg, Mitas, Michelin, Continental, BKT, Vredestein)

Wheel config.

(Standard-Wide-Wide2)(+)(With wheel weights)(+)(Twin back wheels)/(Twin wheels)/(Twin (Back) Wheels+weights (Narrows/+Twin (Back) Wheels)

Front attacher config.

(None-Bracket-300kg-500kg-700kg-900kg-1000kg-Front hydraulic)

Lights config.

(Standard-Standard+Additional 1-Standard+Additional 2-Standard+Both-LED-LED+Additional 1-LED+Additional 2-LED+Both)

Gen4 Monitor Config.


Exhaust+Cabine Buttons Config.

(Exhaust1+Full Mechanic Cabine Buttons-Exhaust1+Cabine Joystick-Exhaust2+Full Mechanic Cabine Buttons-Exhaust2+Cabine Joystick)

AdBlue Config.

(With AdBlue-Without AdBlue

Mirrors config.


GPS config.

(No-SF 3000-SF 6000-SF 3000+Monitor-SF 6000+Monitor)

Beacons config.


Fenders config.

(Back Standard OLD-Back Standard NEW-Front1+Back OLD-Front1+Back NEW-Front2+Back NEW-Front1+Wide Back-Front2+Wide Back)

Design config.

(Nothing-Steering Knob-Side Wiper-Warning Signs-All possible combinations-All options)

Rotatable seat with right mosue button

Required mods for getting full enjoyment are:—->INTERACTIVE CONTROLS by Vertex Dezign and UNIVERSAL PASSENGER MOD<---- !!ORIGINAL SOUNDS BY FS PAL!! !!Log is clean and free of errors and mod is also tested on MP!! Credits:
Udruzenje Nezavisnih Modera (Dince)

DOWNLOAD FS22_JohnDeere_7R_2014.zip – 59.6 MB

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