FS22 JOHN DEERE 7R GEN2 V1.0.0.0

Here is another mod from FBM!

What can the deer do?
– Removed front attacher configuration. 3-point attachment can be used at the same time as front loader attachment.
– Added Terra tires by popular request for Trelleborg, Michelin and Vredestein.
– Color choices for grille, base color, GPS module and rims. The upper links are colored with the base color. Thanks again to VarioModding because of the upper links.
– RUL configurations installed – because I personally don’t like the original ones.
– Front flasher configuration also added by popular request.
– Decal configuration. You can choose yellow or gray.
– Front loader and LaForgeEZ weight included in the mod also with color choice and decal selection
– SimpleIC for doors, rear windows and warning signs
– 60 km/h motor versions in addition to the standard ones as well as a “chipped” motor for the 50 km/h and 60 km/h variants. (km/h decals on the rear window adapt)
– Also by popular request a window tinting configuration.
– KUBOTA DLC Ready passenger seat installed.
– Precision farming DLC ready

I hope you have a lot of fun with him 🙂
Sharing the mod is welcome.
The following applies: Please only use the original link or link to the post here, no replacement link and no direct link.
It is not permitted to upload the MOD to other sites or share hosts.


DOWNLOAD FBM22_JohnDeere7RGen2.zip – 18.6 MB

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