Project on which Im proud the most. I present you 1st generation of 6R for FS22 after more then 5 years of not being in FS.

Its back now and I gave it new oportunity to shine!

Model is 100% accurate like it should be and look for 1st generation

Motor config.


(With options for PowerQuad, AutoQuad, AutoPower, Direct Drive, AutoPower CommandArm, DirectDrive CommandArm transmissions)

(Fully animated transmissions)

Wheel brand config.

(Trelleborg, Mitas, Michelin, Continental, BKT, Vredestein)

Wheel config.

(4 Standard options-Wide)(+)(With wheel weights)(+)(Twin back wheels)/(Twin wheels)/(Twin (Back) Wheels+ (Narrows/+Twin (Back) Wheels/)

(3m spacing is also available on narrow wheels)

Front attacher config.

(Bracket-300kg-500kg-700kg-900kg-1000kg-Front hydraulic-Front Hydraulic + PTO)

Versions config.

(Standard-2 Beacons-Warning Signs-2 Beacons+Warning Signs)

SCVs Configuration (not available on CommandArm transmissions)


Additional lights config.

(No-Front-Back-Side-Front Down/+All possible combinations)

Mirrors config.


StarFire config.

(No-Holder-SF 3000-SF 3000+Monitor-SF 6000-SF 6000+Monitor-SF 6000+RTK-SF 6000+RTK+Monitor)

Roof+GPS config.

(Standard Roof-Standard+Additional Lights-Panoramic Roof)

Fenders config.

(Back Narrow-Back Standard/+Front1/+2)

Front Loader config.

(No-Steering Knob-JD-Quicke-Hauer/+Shield/+ToolBox)

Front License Plate Holder config.


Rotatable and movable seat with mouse buttons

Required mods for getting full enjoyment are: !!–>INTERACTIVE CONTROLS by Vertex Dezign and PASSENGER MOD<--!! !!-->Mod is prepared for PRECISION FARMING (crop sensors configuration)<--!! !!Custom 6R 2011 sounds!! !!Log is clean and free of errors and mod is also tested on MP!! !!KEEP ORIGINAL LINK!! Credits:
Udruzenje Nezavisnih Modera (Dince)

DOWNLOAD FS22_JohnDeere_6R_LargeFrame_2011.zip – 58.9 MB

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