FS22 JOHN DEER 948L-II V1.0.0.0

I just added more weight, more power, and better gears

The John Deere 948L-II skidder is the largest and most powerful skidder produced by John Deere. This skidder features numerous wheel configurations including Mitas float tires and Clark Tracks track configurations, as well as a full front/back crawler setup. Wheels are available in single wheel and double wheel configurations. With customizable paintable rims and grapple available in four colors. Main color configuration is available in standard John Deere Green and The Midnight Edition.

With the front blade you are able to create fields/plow.

In addition the Skidder offers a new track brands and Clark Tracks.

Clark Tracks: FXS, Terra95, GSG and TXSG

Shop Category: Forestry Machines

Price: 205.000 $

Engine Power: 100000 HP

Max. speed: 25 kph

By: BIG_NATE, North Modding Company.

DOWNLOAD JD948LII.zip – 47.5 MB

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