FS22 JIFFY HYDUMP 700 V1.0.1.0

“The Jiffy Hydump 700 Wagon is a side dump wagon suited for handling chopped forage.


– Quick bug fix – resized Jiffy brand image to 256×256 to resolve error

It is designed for towing behind a forage harvester. Unloading is controlled with two hydraulic cylinders, connected in parallel, and powered from a tractor hydraulic system. The Jiffy employs a single stage unloading cycle and is designed only for dumping to the left.”

This dump wagon was original created by AJ Bentley and JMF Modding for FS19. I have brought it over to FS22 with full features and no warnings or errors! The only changes made besides the conversion itself was small visual changes (brand and store icons) and adjusting the capacity to reflect the real life model.

FS13 – FraserCow
FS19 – AJ Bentley, JMF Modding
FS22 – Skywalker Farms

DOWNLOAD FS22_Jiffy_Hydump_700.zip – 2.2 MB

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