JCB Fastrac 8330 in the standard version and 5 other design lines. InteractiveControl is installed on windows, doors, mirrors, fenders and in the interior.

– Fixed problems with hoses on seeders
– Fixed problems with IC

Known problems:
The mod can lead to errors if the mod itself, “REA Center of Gravity” and “Sugarbeet Harvester Potato ready” are in the mod folder. This issue is being worked on.

– Migration to lsfarming mods
– Replaced MSO decal with LSFM decal
– Added dashboard live support and ISOBUS terminals

Engine configurations:
– JCB Fastrac 8330 348 hp / 256 kW
– JCB Fastrac 8330 chip tuning 424 hp / 312 kW

Design Configurations:
– Bayern Gamers Edition
– Red Edition
– Green Edition
– Yellow Edition
– Blue Edition
– Orange Edition

Decal configuration:
– LSFM sticker on the lower edge of the windscreen

New: Crop sensor configurations:
– White
– Black
– Bayern Gamers Edition
– Red Edition
– Green Edition
– Yellow Edition
– Blue Edition
– Orange Edition

All configurations include a full LED light and some new lighting elements.
Rim color configurable including new colors (e.g. gray matt)
Main color configurable including new colors (e.g. Fendt Black Beauty)
Design color on all rims Configurable with Editions.
Integrated passenger seat. (Requires Kubota DLC)

Interactive Control installed:
– steering column
– passenger seat
– doors
– rear window
– Side mirror
– Fenders
– Sunshade / Sunroof
– Functionality in the interior

In addition, the mod includes many smaller details, such as its own InteractiveControl icons, a top link attached to the cabin if no attachment is attached to the front, an exhaust grille that can be configured in color, new tire configurations, and much more.

[LSFM] Ifko[nator] – AddConfig Skript

DOWNLOAD LSFM22_Fastrac_8330.zip – 19.0 MB

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