Four-wheel drive tractor for small farms whose production was discontinued in 1972

Version 2.0.0

The following was done:

– Fixed problem with drive shaft

– Added new sound (thanks to PeterAH for the shares)

– Added Fritzmeier soft top that can be opened via SimpleIC (thanks to ls_oldtimer for the release)

What else is planned:

– Front hydraulics with front PTO (if anyone has a prefab for which I could get approvals, please report here in the comments or via Instagram @ls22modding)

– Possibly lamp bracket (exactly the same here – if anyone has a prefab, please let us know)

The 52 hp IHC 523 came onto the market in 1965.

It is part of the International Harvester McCormick Common Market AWD series.

The production period ended in 1972.

Approximately 17,000 copies were built.

– Clean log (no errors, warnings, lua callstacks)

– All shaders and textures on LS22 standard

– Power: 52 hp (523) / 72 hp (523 turned)

– Manual gearbox

– Max speed: 29 km/h

– Roll bar configurable with or without RUL

– LS22 standard license plate configuration

– Different sound

– Fritzmeier top that can be opened via Simple IC

Recommended/Required Mods:

Compatible with Baas latch front loader set – DOWNLOAD –

SimpleIC is required to open the convertible top – DONWLOAD –

– Support / bugs / feedback gladly in the comments –

Many thanks to Ziegelmanu for the rights to convert.

Many thanks to Modelleicher for the rights to the front loader attachment.

Many thanks to PeterAH for the release of the sound.

Many thanks to ls_oldtimer for the release of the Fritzmeier top-

This mod may NOT be uploaded to other sites.

The download MUST be done via the original link!

Model from the 19s: Ziegelmanu
Front loader: model oak
Sound: PeterAH
Fritzmeier top: ls_oldtimer
Conversion: ThatsJonasTV / ls22modding

DOWNLOAD FS22_IHC523.zip – 19.3 MB

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