I always wanted a single greenhouse to produce as many products as IRL a greenhouse can produce.

Fixed missing texture for pumpkin
Other error fixed (many thanks, helper wished to be anonimous)
Two errors still remain: Too much poligons for window glass and brace cable (don’t know how to fix them)
Not tested in multiplayer, so might be more errors.
Also, keep in mind that it is tested without any other mods and other mod conflict might appear (although shouldn’t have mod conflicts, because no script is involved)

This is realistic version of the greenhouse on industrial scale that now produce alongside the base-game lettuce, tomato and strawberry, new crops as: melon, watermelon, cabbage, red cabbage, flowers, pumpkin, cucumber, onion, cauliflower, potato, cotton, soybean, sugarbeet, bean, pea, mushroom, eggplant, hops chili and bell pepper. I even added tree saplings (spruce only spawns, don’t know how to change)

The recipes uses water, seeds, lime, manure, solid fertilizer, wood chips and empty pallets (last one is buyable from the store or can be produced by my sawmill platinum; other empty pallets may work)

Cost: 100,000
Maintenance: 1000

The spawning area can be a mess because of the different types of pallets spawned.
It includes a selling point that should work with any pallets goods (PRODUCT category)
Prices set to make worth of the ingredients and favorizes the new products.


DOWNLOAD FS22_IndustrialGreenhouse.zip – 72.6 MB

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