FS22 IHC 353 V2.0.0.5

It’s an IHC 353 with a lot of nice touches

A fix because of the log errors, the mod file was reduced (25mb) then the shader problem was fixed, new decal is also available Hope you like it, report errors on the discord LG PBS

PS: 35-70
KMH: 35
Built: 1969 in Neuss Germany
IC (by vertex) compatible
-Top: bracket, Fritzmeier M315
-Engine: 353 (3zl 34hp)
-Front: weight holder
-Tire variant: vredestein, continental

the support is on my discord — : https://discord.gg/wU5TTkGZSp


DOWNLOAD FS22_IHC353.zip – 25.6 MB

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