FS22 IHC 353 V2.0.0.4

It’s an IHC 353 with a lot of nice touches


Hello, I have adjusted all the icons and made the configurations more realistic, the mod size has been reduced a lot

PS: 35-70

KMH: 35

Built: 1969 in Neuss Germany

IC (by vertex) compatible


-Top: bracket, Fritzmeier M315

-Engine: 323, 353, 383, 423, 453

-Front: weight holder, front hydraulics

-GPS controller: yes, no

-Tire variant: vredestein, continental

the support is on my discord — : https://discord.gg/wU5TTkGZSp

Required mods

BAAS front loader pack

Interactive Control


DOWNLOAD FS22_IHC353.zip – 35.5 MB

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