FS22 IHC 1046 V1.0.0.0

Hello everyone, today I would like to make my 1 conversion from the LS19 available to you, the Deutz AgroStar 681 & Deutz AgroStar 681 Powershift.

Power: 450 hp
Speed: 65km/h

ihc 1046
Power: 190 HP – 450 HP
Speed: 65km/h

The following has been changed or added:

Selectable Exhaust (Added)
Warning Signs (Added)
Dashboard (Added)
Front Loader (Added recommended Quike Q6M front loader)
New Sound (Added)
Particle (Added)


front mounting
tire manufacturer
tire variant
Rotating lights (can be switched on and off)
Stickers (On & Off)
Warning signs (can be switched on & off)
main color
design color
rim color

Simple IC: The triggers for the roof and rear window are on the right console of the tractor, those for the warning signs are on the inside of the respective pane.

front window
rear window
warning signs

Constructive criticism is welcome, otherwise I wish you a lot of fun with the tractor.


DOWNLOAD FS22_IHC_1046.zip – 65.0 MB

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