FS22 HÜRLIMANN H 488-T V1.0.1.0

Compact tractor with 90 hp.

+ modDesc version increased
+ minor i3D adjustments
+ Simple IC
x doors (left, right)
x window (left, right)
x rear window
x lift roof
x rear fender (hide)
x bonnet side panels (left, right to hide)

rim color
front loader
front weight
3 point with PTO in front

Conversion from the LS 19 with some conversion work.
The bonnet, logo, lettering, axles, engine etc. were rebuilt/rebuilt.
Animated circuit (gears, groups, direction of travel)
Since this mod is my first ever, I’m grateful for constructive criticism.

Giants, PiPi

DOWNLOAD FS22_Huerlimann_H488_T.zip – 17.9 MB

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