FS22 HOT ONLINE FARM 2022 V1.0.3.1


– Fix collactable

– Stones back, see existing savegames

– small adjustments to upcoming mods

– Missing collectable

– Fixed loading trigger Agravis

– Added Russian translation

Fixed cow feeding


transport pallet

White Colli Farmer’s Market Container

Cotton bug fixed

The map has been tested and runs flawlessly.

We would like to ask you to respect this and refrain from any change, we do not offer any support for a changed HoT 2022. If this is not respected, future maps will remain private. Many Thanks

Feature Overview

· Transport chickens, chickens can be bought at the chicken farm using the transport system and brought to your stalls. They can also be brought to the butcher or back to the chicken farm (sale)

· Meat was divided into the respective type of animal, but there is no horse meat, so no lasagna either

· Mud, yes we have it, and not just normal mud, you can paint it on like bushes. If it’s dry for a long time, the mud dries off.

With Seasons there are a few more subtleties, it is not active when there is snow, it is available when it rains and it dries off here too.

HoT online Team

DOWNLOAD HoF_2022.zip – 1.1 GB

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