HOLMER Terra Variant DLC for Farming Simulator 22

What’s in it?


HOLMER Terra Variant 435

HOLMER Terra Variant 585

HOLMER Grain tank GB 25

HOLMER Multi tank MB 35

ANNABURGER manure spreader XM3

Zunhammer Glide-Fix 15

Zunhammer vibratory cultivator

Zunhammer slurry tank TV585

The HOLMER Terra Variant DLC brings the Holmer Terra Variant back into the Farming Simulator 22.

What was new or adapted?

via mouse control Animated suction arm (with Colision)

The wheels are now flush with the fenders

GPS antenna on the roof

License plates and 40km / h stickers

animated front axle suspension

Amazone Catros added as slurry cultivator version, with increased application rate (4x)

with Zunhammer Vibro application rate increased (4x)

The beet assembly can now also load potatoes and chopped material

Crab steering left / all-wheel steering / crab steering right can now also be selected directly via CTRL + Z as with Terra DOS

Amazoe Catrso improves the hose texture

Hose attachers on Zunhammer TV adapted to Zunidisc and Catros

Texture improvements and changes

Shop names partially changed

Transport axles are now both folded over X and have got real wheels (only use when empty)

Zunhammer Vancontrol installed as a decoration on the Zunhammer TV

V&N Terradisc added as slurry cultivator

Zunhammer 18500 PE added (BETA, first cultivator with tractor on barrel, then barrel on holmer, hang off before each save so that the hoses connect again correctly the next time the game starts)

Helper removed from the Holmer (there were problems with the transport axles)

GPS antenna relocated to the rear of the ZUnhammer TV barrel

Light script installed

Cabin lighting (still under construction)

Zunhammer TV now has level indicator on the front of the barrel (still under construction)

GIANTS suspended swing axle installed

minor texture adjustments

I wish you a lot of fun playing! ^^

Original Autor Ls 19: GIANTS Software, Konvertierung Autor Ls22: Black Wolf

DOWNLOAD FS22_Elmcreek_FULL_Edition.zip – 181.0 MB

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