Welcome to Hickory Valley


-Welcome to the new Hickory Valley
Here you will find a newly redone landscape,
Two new crops have been incorporated Alfalfa and Blackbean
Twelve new Filtypes, This includes Soybean Straw, Compost and Ten other Materials
New Productions include Steel,Aspalt,Stone Crusher plus as few others
Train runs the outer part of map, fully usable, BGA has a loading only trigger for train,Also train has a sell all point and bale sell at animal dealer
Field 7 removed Field 1 size reduced
Pig,Cow,Sheep Pens edited for map and cover alot of ground and a capacity of 1000
Chickens free roam farm area and hold 500, Horse Pen edited for map and holds 100
Soybean new texture and grows in rows
Corn,Potato and Sugarbeets also new textures from Taylor Farms
New Sheds and new bale wrap also from Taylor Farms
Added ability to make Straw from Corn,Sunflowers and Canola
Pedestrians removed,Traffic Reworked
Placeable Sawmill added

Here you will find 7 fields,
Fields 1 and 2 are 105+ acres
Fields 3 thru 6 are 18+ acres
Field 7 is 14+ acres

Map has
– 8 salepoints
– 6 production points
– 3 lime stations
– Chicken, Cow, Horse, Pig, and Sheep Pens
– Large Greenhouse
– Large Bee Hive with pallet spawner
– Water Station
– Animal Dealer has bale salepoint
– Traffic and parked cars, pedestrians
– 19 Windmills you own in new farmer mode
– AI splines are installed but dont always wanna work, they are lazy at times
– 100 Collectibles
– Start from scratch and all placeables are gone
– New Farmer Mode has huge lot of starting equipent

– Thank you HungryCow Design for the use of John Deere sign


DOWNLOAD FS22_Hickory_Valley.zip – 301.2 MB

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