Hello to all,

The card is ready for the patch. 1. 3. Map: Fixed a problem to leave the game in the menu. The problem of disappearing grass at the place where the river flowed has been fixed. The collisions at the places where the river was were fixed.

Edit the map of Haut-Beyleron. Rediscover the Skin Beyleron Card. -No river -three additional purchases and competitive prices -three finished farms with the modified Bavarian Farm Pack by (BERNIESCS) -additional pig farming -additional scripts (changestartmoney,HusbandryLimitIncreaser,placeAnywhere,CollectStrawAtMissions,RefreshContracts,MultipleMissions,MoreTrees) -Production of raisins, juices, wines and mead embedded in the card -more forest -Trailers for the transport of animals at the dealer ready for rental. -more arable land -more regions to buy -large fields divided into smaller ones I wish you a lot of fun on the map.

Giants Software edited by Yazu

DOWNLOAD FS22_New_Bayleron.zip – 499.8 MB

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