Griffin is a Real life town located in Southern Indiana, USA.
The town and area are typical of older Midwestern settlements. Most farmers today plant maize, soybeans and winter wheat here.
However its your time to take the reigns and shape this sandbox friendly map the way you want.
This is a complete rebuild of FS19 Griffin Indiana.

Local Legend:
Bigfoot has apparently pulled up stakes and moved on, as there have not been any sightings or howls in months.
The locals think during his stay he would take valuable coins from them and drop them in random places,
do to the fact he lacked proper pockets. They believe he was doing this in frustration over the farming noise.
If you find these golden coins they will help you a little in your new farming endeavor,
He also left a message with every one of them.
Find them all for a nice reward. So keep your eyes open and happy farming.

Map Features:
Highly Detailed
Real World Location
Real Terrain Data
Real Soil Data for Precision Farming DLC
Real off Map Border Image
Custom Area Growth Calendar
Custom License Plate
Custom Farm Workshop At Main Farm
Usable Buildings on Farms
Standard Crops
Field Contracts
Baling Contracts
Collectible Coins
Working Train
Pedestrian Traffic
Vehicle Traffic
Ai Splines
Helper Friendly
Small/Medium/Large Fields
Fields Easily Merged
Large Riding Trail Network
Main Roads Will Not Accumulate Snow
Roads Ownable Free
Deco Bush Mowable

The Numbers:
100 Collectible Coins
18 Train Cars
15 Minute Train Interval
21 Paintable Terrain Textures
3 Built in Placeable Old Barns
1 Built in Placeable Old Fermenting Silo
5 Production Points with Farmland acquired when purchased
26 Buyable In Town Residential Lots with Barns Individually Sellable
7 Buyable In Town Empty Production Lots
1 Buyable Motel Lot, Hard to see on PDA
2 Buyable Campground Lots, Hard to see on PDA
1 Main Farm with all Buildings Individually Sellable and Fencing Removable
8 Auxiliary Farms with all Barns Individually Sellable and Fencing Removable
3 Farmlands Dedicated For Forestry
16 Farmlands Wooded and Meadow
31 Farmlands with Arable Fields 220ha
7 Farmlands with Grass Fields 14ha
234 Hectares Total Ready To Be Worked
106 Farmlands Total
10250 Trees

Support Thread at Giants Software Forum
Only support for downloads from Giants Farming Simulator ModHub.


DOWNLOAD FS22_GriffinIndiana.zip – 188.7 MB

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