FS22 GÖWEIL RBS V1.1.0.0

The RBS was specially designed for cutting and transporting bales of silage, hay and straw. With the round bale cutter, the bales can be easily cut up for feeding.
The serrated shape of the knife guarantees, in addition to the safe and robust cut, that the bale is cut through completely.

– ModDesc version increased
– Fixed label in the help window
– Description of the functionality fixed
– Little corrections

Technical specifications:
– L x W x H 1,350 x 1,789 x 1,030 mm
– Weight: 440 kg
– Price: 1850 $
– Height with cutting lever: 1,720 mm
– Max. Opening area: 1,520 mm
– Max. Operating pressure: 200 bar
– Bale diameter: 0,90 – 1,60 m

Possible additions:
– Euro catch frame
– Three-point linkage cat. I and II
– Hauer B

– Two additional tines
– Logo (configurable between new and old)

– Can be controlled with mouse control


DOWNLOAD FS22_goeweilRBS.zip – 2.8 MB

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