FS22 GD4-HS PACK V1.0.0.2

Dumper trailers manufactured in Norway by Mørkmaskin

– Changelog
Grain walls for the GD4-20HS
Manual opening for hydraulic hatch on GD4-20HS
Rim color configurations
More color configurations (Blue, Red and Green)
Configuration for Mustang brand

GD4 30HS:
The GD4-30HS is the largest dumper trailer in their lineup to date.
– Price: $34.200
– Capacity: 23.000 L

GD4 20HS:
GD4-20HS is the largest 2 axled dumper trailer.
– Price: $18.500
– Capacity: 7.300 – 17.500 Liters


DOWNLOAD FS22_Gigant_GD4_30HS.zip – 17.0 MB

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