FS22 GAZ 53 V1.2

V1.2 mod description:

– Fixed issue with Milk and Water tank body: Now water can be filled not only from sources with triggers but also from natural sources like rivers and lakes

– Added Pallet Autoload function to the flatbed body

– Added sounds for the tipping bodies while unloading material

Attention: For more versatility Autoload function can load up to 18 pallets of vegetables or eggs. However this allows loading of up to 12 heavy pallets (with fertilizer for example), which is too much for this small truck. In order to avoid unwanted driving experience (like tipping over the truck) please limit the number of the loaded heavy pallets by yourself.

Note: Autoloading of cotton bale was not tested! Even if it is possible, I don’t think loading heavy cotton bale on this truck is advisible.

V 1.1 mod description:

– Added cargo body color choice

– Added Milk and Water tank option with 4000 l capacity, as a body design

– Added GAZ 52 design – it can be selected in the Configuration menu. Firstly is the GAZ 53 design with configurations of 5000 l, 6500 l, 8500 l forage wagon, flatbed, Milk and water body. After that is the GAZ 52 design with the same bodies configurations. GAZ 52 design changes the cab front mask and the truck taillights

– Some small visual optimizations were made – for example removing the gaps around the front cab window visible from the intertnal vehicle camera

– Maximum vehicle weight is limited to 11000 kg, so some materials may not use the full body capacity. For example a configuration with body 6500 l will not be filled 100% with stones.

Note: Once more I want to give credits to SD Team for their work on this truck mod!

Version 1.0

– UDIM, dirt and wear textures

– Choice of cab color

– Selectable body design – bulk tippers with 5000 and 6500 l capacity; forage wagon (also tipper) with 8500 l capacity; flatbed body with tension belts for carrying bales or pallets

– Choice of wheels

– Choice of rim color

– Choice of engines

– 4 speed mechanical gearbox

– Realistic engine sounds

– Animated suspension, steering elements and cardan shaft

– License plates


DOWNLOAD FS22_GAZ_53.zip – 45.4 MB

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