This 2xx map is the little sister of the 4x map.
Pioneer settlers discover an open landscape and set up a base. Shop, gas station, workshop, multi point of sale
(If one of two dumps won’t take something, try the one next to it), well, and a log cabin.
The country is ready for new settlers. Design and manage it according to your ideas.
Create fields, place buildings, etc. yourself. Get your bearings, because the overview is extraordinary.
Career mode “New Farmer”: You can see the land you already own by clicking on ‘Land’ on the map.
(In multiplayer, the map is displayed with the ‘Map’ filter with the English name “Free-Settler-Country”)

Unzip or extract the ‘extract.zip’ file. Open extracted file folder. Copy the zip files contained therein (the map is also included).
Then paste it into the ‘mods’ folder. This PC > Documents > My Games > FarmingSimulator2022 > mods
Program to extract: https://www.7-zip.de/


DOWNLOAD extrahieren.zip – 237.2 MB

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