FS22 FORTSCHRITT K454 V1.0.0.0

The progress K 454 high pressure press is a further development of the K 453 and can hardly be distinguished from it at first glance.

It is also driven by a PTO shaft at 1000 rpm.

The improved tine pick-up with a width of 2.20 m takes up the crop.

The crop is then compacted by the feeder device, which is designed as a rake tine, and transported to the left to the pressing device.

Depending on the type and condition of the crop, as well as the required baling density of the bales, a pressure of up to 400,000 N / m² acts on the baling plunger, with which plunger forces of up to 8000 kp occur.

This required energy is also applied by a flywheel. After pressing, the binding is carried out by the binding device.

The binding process is carried out according to the Deering knot system. Then the finished bale is pushed through the baling ram to the chute.

Finally, the distinguishing features of the presses.

– Chassis color choice

– Color choice rims

– Color choice writes

– Choose between 3 point attacher and trailer attacher

– Trailer coupling attachable, to carry a bale trailer

DtP Mario, NiktWazny2115#9369

DOWNLOAD FS22_Fortschritt_K454.zip – 21.8 MB

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