FS22 FORTSCHRITT B550 V1.0.0.0

The B 550 is an 8 furrow semi-mounted bed plow for tractors from 200 hp. The plow is usually operated in combination with the B 601 seedbed preparation device, which runs coupled to it.
The B 601 seedbed preparation device is a trailer device for plows with a working width of up to 290 cm. It is used when plowing the seed furrow, consolidating, crumbles and levels it. The advantage of the combination of plough/saturated bed preparation device is that after ploughing, driving over the field again is avoided

Standard equipment:
Plow B550
– Price: from 15400€
– Working width: 2.91 m (offset 0.4 m)
– Power: from 200 hp
– color choice
– optional with B601 seedbed preparation device (8000€)

Grabfeldschmiede/ Ingo376

DOWNLOAD FS22_Fortschritt_B550.zip – 10.8 MB

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