FS22 FORD F-350 FLATBED V1.0.0

Ford F-350 Flatbed

1. Description:

– Brand: Ford

– Price: 45 000 €

– HP: 300

2. Configurations:

– Base color

– Rim color

– Grill color

– Bumper color

– Grill (plastic or color)

– Bumper (plastic or color)

3. Animations

– Doors (via SimpleIC)

– Interior animations (pedals, gear stick, levelers and more)

4. Others:

– Custom wear/dirt

– Tension Belts

– License Plates

– Plow mount and goosneck (those are not set as configs in the shop, just drive close to a plow or trailer and it will attach

NOTE: Since the 1.4 Patch, i can’t get the simpleIC to work, so i haven’t tested the animations in-game. Let me know if they are any issues.

AgroTron Modding, Seriousmods

DOWNLOAD FS22_Ford_F350_Flatbed.zip – 21.3 MB

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