FS22 FLIEGL CARGOS 750/760 V1.0.0.0

Fliegl Cargos 750 (Tandem) Fliegl Cargos 760 (Tridem)
It is the standard Giants-Claas-Cargos trailer in the new Fliegl design, since the Cargos series was taken over by Fliegl.

The change:
Claas logos replaced by Fliegl logos
Claas colors replaced by Fliegl colors
Can now load all bulk goods

● Purchase price: €67,500 (Tandem / 750) & €99,000 (Tridem / 760)
● Volume: 44,500 liters (Tandem / 750) & 51,000 liters (Tridem /760)
● Configurations: tire selection
● Can be found in the game under: Shop / Devices / Trailers

Farmers: For advice & action
Thorsten73: for the test!

Sharing the mod is welcome.
The following applies: Please only use the original link or link to the post here, no replacement link and no direct link.

Modell: Giants Software
Änderungen: Black Racoon

DOWNLOAD FS22_FlieglCargos.zip – 10.0 MB

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