Ferme-Beyleron / Multi-Silo / Vineyard etc.

Version 2.0 Multifruit
Update Notes:
* Added Rye, Spelled, Millet and Triticale as a multifruit.
* Painting and selling can now also be carried out at the farm workshop.
* Millet, Rye, Spelled, and Triticale Flour have been added to the Grain Mill as new productions.
* Rye, Spelled and Triticale seeds have been added as new productions in seed crafting.
* Added rye, spelt and triticale to multifeed production
* Rye, Spelled, and Triticale, in addition to the above productions, can be sold at Marissonne and Shop – Le Jardin des Fermiers.
* Millet can be sold in addition to the above production, at Marissonne and Shop – Le Jardin des Fermiers.

Changelog of Ferme-Beyleron v1.0 (The map was tested extensively in the SP and on the Dedi and the log is error-free – except GIANTS bugs)
Bonjour dear friends of LS 22,
here now from me a rebuild of the Haut-Beyleron incl. numerous extensions.
And here now some data, what was changed or rebuilt.
* Extended farm with large cowshed incl. automatic feeder and manure heap superstructure, large pigsty, large sheep pen, large chicken coop, large horse stable, three large greenhouses incl. additional tanks, large mule silo NL16-22-16000 Multifrucht, large truck scale, large fuel tank, large driving silo, workshop, two shelters with back wall, large hall, shelter with solar roof, bulk material hall, Kärcher.
* Vineyard at the abandoned winery incl. finished grape vines and purchased plot.
* Tailor’s shop as additional production building directly next to the spinning mill.
* Sugar factory as an additional production building.
* Oil mill as an additional production building.
* Muesli factory as additional production building.
* Restaurant as additional sales point for harvest and production goods at the nearby lake.
* Pizzeria as additional sales point for harvest and production goods at the nearby lake.
* Fast food restaurant as an additional point of sale for crops and produce.
* Farm silo converted to multi-fruit incl. bale trigger.
* Small plough.
* Ball trigger for the three storage bunkers of the feeding robot (cow shed).
* And anything else I forgot to mention 😉

Explanation of the two multi-fruit silos:
Practically everything can be stored here that can also be loaded by trailer and in detail would be the following:
Wheat, barley, oats, rape, millet, sunflowers, soybeans, maize, potatoes, sugar beet, sugar beet pulp, sugar cane, olives, grapes, mixed feed, fodder, mineral feed, chaff, wood chips, silage, poplars, grass, hay, straw, manure, pig feed, seed, fertiliser, lime, road salt, snow, stones.
Both multi-fruit silos have a bale trigger for silage, hay, grass and straw.
And now I wish you as much fun and joy on the new Ferme-Beyleron as I have.
Salute, Pandahma
Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

GIANTS / Pandahma / kevin98 (3D-Modell seedMaker) / Achimobil (Script Palettenlager).

DOWNLOAD FermeBeyleron_v2.0_Entpacken.7z – 270.4 MB

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