FS22 FENDT VARIO 916-926 BJ.2002 V1.0.0.0

Fendt Vario 916-926 Bj.2002 rebuilt with a lot of love
At the request of Favorit92, I made this pretty part a few days ago,
I completely rebuilt it and tried to bring it very close to the original,
the basic model was almost useless. So I had to build a lot myself.
It was a community request and I hope you enjoy it
if there are any errors or requests for changes, please put them in the comments, I will try to comply with 95% of the requests
the other 5% is my own style ^^
LG. Tronxyyy gamer
Ps. You are a great community, modding here is really fun because you get so many reactions.
Sharing this mod is please only with the original link
Please respect the a lot of work I’ve put in, THANK YOU!
I hope I did not forget anything.


DOWNLOAD FS22_BB_Fendt_916_926_Bj_2002.zip – 69.4 MB

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