The best horse in your stable

I’ve now gone to great lengths with the last feedback and wishes…
Changes are:
New textures
Extended stirrup config
Fixed license plate config
Config for fenders
Config for rear hydraulics (beta)
Many model adjustments
Fixed model error
Real gearbox installed (T stands for tuning, there is also A for automatic and S for switching)
Steering drive completely animated
Interior beautified
Speedometer animated
sound adjusted
Various configurations (rear hydraulics and tuning as well as the automatic transmission) do not correspond to the real model.
Nevertheless, I added them so that the vehicle can also be used cleverly in Farming Simulator.
Also, a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped me or had ideas for the update.

This is a Fendt Dieselross F15 for the FS22.

– Engine configuration
– Temple configuration
– Bonnet to open with mouse
– In bracket configuration also for our Swiss, Swiss number plates

The mod throws a log error that I know of.

Big thanks goes to:
– Lucas bungler workshop
– LeGYK for the Swiss number plates
– And to everyone who helped bring it into FS22 or who already helped in FS19

Ur-Ur-Ur Modell Kühlermaske: Old Tractor Team, Felgen/Fronträder: Michl², Mähbalken: Ansomale
Lenkrad/Mähbalken Aufnahme, Ackerschiene und Bearbeitung: MrFox, UrModell: Giants,
Hintere Mäntel: Schlüterfan, Textur der Mäntel: donkey
Scripte: Sven777b, modelleicher, JoXXer
Sounds/Aufnahme: MrFox
Ls17 ready by Wildbachtaler
Ls19 ready by lucas pfuscher werkstatt
Ls19 Conversion to a Fendt Dieselross by Sepphirsch
Ls22 ready by Sepphirsch

DOWNLOAD FS22_Fendt_F15.zip – 52.9 MB

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