This is a Fendt Dieselross F15 for the FS22.

– Engine configuration
– Temple configuration
– Bonnet to open with mouse
– In bracket configuration also for our Swiss, Swiss number plates

The mod throws a log error that I know of.

Big thanks goes to:
– Lucas Pfuscher werkstatt (Registration • Instagram) like to subscribe.
– LeGYK for the Swiss number plates
– And to everyone who helped bring it into FS22 or who already helped in FS19

Social media from us:
Instagram: Login • Instagram
YouTube: Betriebsgemeinschaft Ferner – YouTube
And now have fun with the Fendt.

Ur-Ur-Ur Modell Kühlermaske: Old Tractor Team, Felgen/Fronträder: Michl², Mähbalken: Ansomale
Lenkrad/Mähbalken Aufnahme, Ackerschiene und Bearbeitung: MrFox, UrModell: Giants,
Hintere Mäntel: Schlüterfan, Textur der Mäntel: donkey
Scripte: Sven777b, modelleicher, JoXXer
Sounds/Aufnahme: MrFox
Ls17 ready by Wildbachtaler
Ls19 ready by lucas pfuscher werkstatt
Ls19 Conversion to a Fendt Dieselross by Sepphirsch
Ls22 ready by Sepphirsch

DOWNLOAD FS22_Fendt_F15.zip – 44.2 MB

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